Where are you located?

We are located in Singapore.

Tell me more about Higher Vintage!

Established in 2017 as a partner of ASOS Marketplace. In late 2019 we decided to part ways with ASOS to create our independent platform. We want to be part of the sustainability community and able to bring our creativity to the vintage community. 

What is Reworked by Higher Vintage?

Reworked by Higher Vintage is a creative project to rework on vintage pieces. These vintage pieces can be dated from 80s to early 2000s. Each individual piece are unique and will not be recreated again. Each pieces are designed and reworked in house by our own designers.

What is the difference between Higher VIntage and Higher Vintage Market?

In order to fully focus on our reworked pieces and creative experiment, we decided to branch our curated vintage pieces into another channel - Higher Vintage Market

What are the condition of your products?

All of our item are stated as vintage and have been around for decades. We try our best to describe every condition of the item.  Kindly make sure to read our full description and email any questions prior to purchasing to Hello@highervintage.com

How do you rate your product?

As all of our items are curated , we only sell product that are still in decent condition. we categorise the condition as:

Excellent: No visible stain or hole

Good: Light stain/spots or small pin hole.

Fair: visible stain/ spot or with visible wear and tear.

Is your product clean?

All used clothing are pre-washed and disinfected with Singapore National Environment Agency(NEA) approved cleaning and disinfectant products.

However, we do not wash item that are Brand new dead stock(BNDS) in order to preserve the original state.

How do I clean my vintage clothing?

Vintage clothing are delicate item due to passage of time, we recommend hand washing the product or use a laundry net before putting it into the washing machine. Tumble dry are highly not recommended.